Tales Of An Immortal's Love Affair Series

clip_image001Title: A Kiss Goodnight
Series: Tales Of An Immortal’s Love Affair #1
Author: S Brandon King
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Formats: E-Book
Pages: 14 pages
Blurb -
Sex and Violence is a way of life for vampires. It's no different for Victor Durand, a five hundred year old bloodsucking relic of Tudor England. Banished for centuries form the court of his master, maker, and ex-lover, Morweena, Victor has been sent to America to survive without the safety or support of a clan.
Victor has found himself in love, with a human named Aurelia, and life is good even for the un-dead but the past rarely stays buried. When ghosts from memories long ago reappear in Victor's life, he must choose between his past and his future in this erotic tale of blood and revenge.
Excerpt –
Vampires are not born; they are made. Victor's maker was a very possessive vampire, not to mention an exotic beauty that not even Victor could deny. He had been witness, as kings and holy men had given up every bit of wealth and power for one moment’s embrace with her, usually their last. 
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clip_image006Title: Forsaken
Series: Tales Of An Immortal’s Love Affair #2
Author: S Brandon King
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Formats: E-book
Pages: 29 pages
“Forsaken” the second story in the Vampire Erotica novelette trilogy“Tales of an Immortal's Love Affair” and the follow up to the Amazon Best Seller "A Kiss Goodnight" finds Victor and his lover Aurelia in danger from a vampire hell bent on revenge. Mary, a peasant girl turned vampire by Victor, is out to make Victor pay for what he did to her. She's been held captive for centuries by Morweena and blames Victor for everything.
Passion, anger, love, and hatred take hold as tensions build in the second installment of Tales An Immortal's Love Affair, “Forsaken”.
Excerpt –
She was engulfed in the sensation of his fingers entering her. Her eyes rolled back as she silently shuttered. His fingers knew their way around her deepest treasures. Well practiced fingers ensured her silence did not last long. Moans turned to screams in the few moments he worked in her. Her climax came in waves. Muscles tightened and relaxed, clearing her mind of any thought besides ecstasy.  
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clip_image010Title: Eternally
Series: Tales Of An Immortal’s Love Affair #3
Author: S Brandon King
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Formats: E-Book
Pages: 48 pages
Blurb –
Dive into the world of endless nights and take your fill of blood, sex and thrills. Follow Victor Durand and his ladies of the night as they learn the truth behind centuries of betrayals and lies. Will the power of their love save them all or will they fall prey to the bloodlust dancing beneath their sexy exteriors?

Victor is more than willing to give his immortal life for those he loves but what happens if the enemy is closer than he thinks? Surprises and wicked twists will keep the immortals Victor, Morweena, and the human female, Aurelia, on their toes as the fight to stay alive in this action packed conclusion to the epic Tales of an Immortal's Love Affair.

Excerpt –
“Victor?!” Morweena screamed aloud, pleading that he would respond. But, the vampire lay lifeless before her. His blood was black in the darkened room. In all her immortal life, Morweena had never felt so alone, helpless or weak. So scared.  
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