Code of Command

clip_image014Title: Code of Command
Author: S Brandon King
Genre: Erotica BDSM
Formats: E-Book
Pages: 53 pages
Blurb –
Alexandra Hawkins is a best-selling erotica author -- writing under the pen name Marguerite McKnight -- tasked by her publishing company to write a hot, BDSM erotic novel. An unknown to the world of BDSM, Alexandra goes in search of her muse: a handsome, powerful and dominant man willing to share the secrets of his sexual world with her. Who she finds is an alluringly intelligent lifestyle Dom who comes to her in the form of anonymous emails as the mysterious Dr. Dominance.
Will Alexandra be immune to the dominant doctor’s power? Or will she succumb to his allure, submitting herself to a man in a way she never has before?
A short story of 18,356 words!
Excerpt –
Centering myself, I lowered, slowly, to my knees, the plush of his soft, white carpet cushioning my landing. Leaning my head back, my eyelids fluttered as I looked up and into his piercing blue-grey eyes. He stood above me, dominant and powerful, more beautiful than any man I’d ever seen or written about within the pages of my novels. He was my hero come to life. He was real. He was flesh and bone. He was here. I was his.  
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